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Maniak Aliens Philanthropy Club

Help us prepare for our first space mission, Join our discord and meet the family. SOLD OUT !

About Aliens

2420 Maniak Aliens

Together we can save the world, one community at a time. 2420 Maniak Aliens spaced out on the etherum blockchain. Our utility will be in the NFT space and pave a way for new projects.

420 1/1 Limited Edition Maniak Aliens.
(Artist / NFT Collab)
We will have 3 total drops Presale, Whitelist, and General Public Launch.
200+ Character Traits and 40+ Dynamic Backgrounds help guarantee your NFT is unique and out of this world!
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Space Missions

Mission Statement

Maniak Aliens Philanthropy Club seeks to bridge the gap between Web3 and the real world through the funding, hosting, and carrying out philanthropy based missions or “Space Missions” using crypto currency and other Web3 mediums. We believe in making the world a better place by using a hands-on approach in our communities. Donating money is a great way to give back but we at MAPC want to take it a step further by participating in the rewarding work of helping people in need.


Short term: Travel to LA and provide over 2000 meal kits to the homeless population of Skid Row and the surrounding areas.

Long term: We will be invading Skid Rows homeless population. We want to bring positivity and joy to the unfortunate of skid row California. Date TBA.

Location of event: Our target location for this event is Skid Row and the surrounding areas within LA

Alien Holders

Space Vault Voting Rights

Alien Holders will decide how funds are allocated with help from our space leaders.

MAPC Private Events

Metaverse and IRL concerts, meetups and much more.

Community Kickbacks

Rewards for your loyalty.


Secret for now.. will knock your pants off when you see the release.

Full Access to MAPC Discord

Collabland / Voting Rights / Philanthropy Groupchats / Giveaways

Family Discount

Welcome to the family, you will now receive up to 25% off on the Maniak Website. Also, 10% off at Hippie Hut Smoke Shop (all locations) for life.


Voting Rights for Space Vault Funds and MAPC Space Missions
Exclusive MAPC Giveaways
Exclusive MAPC Merch Drops
Your Custom 1/1 MAPC Merch that YOU Help Design!
Monthly Mystery Maniak Goody Box Giveaway (Winner pays shipping!) - Or receive 50% of the goody boxes retail value in crypto.
25% off on the Clothing Maniak Website
Maniak / Hippie Hut NFT Store
This will happen after we sell out or have raised the amount of funds needed; Our overall goal is to have profits from this store end up back into MAPC holders crypto wallets. More to come on this in the future....
10% off at all Hippie Hut Smoke Shop Locations and Online
Supporters Can Submit Their Illustrations Of a MAPC For The Exclusive 420 Drop
If we use your work you'll be rewarded! You will be able to have hand drawn entries; however, digital artwork is ?????????!
MAPC IRL and Metaverse Events
Including concerts, hangouts, meetups and philanthropy events.
Exclusive features in our future projects
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Our road map has been made to ensure the longevity of this project. An NFT community where we will help families and communities in need. Joining MAPC is not just joining a community! You are joining the Maniak Family!

Release the first 50 MAPC aliens for presale.

These MAPC Aliens will be sold at a discounted price from Public. This is to reward the people who have been here since the beginning and helped us shape our project into what it is today.

900 MAPC Aliens will be sold at a discounted price from public launch.

This will allow those who earned their right to a @Whitelisted role to mint without the gas wars that are likely to occur during public launch. They will be given ample time to mint before public launch happens.

Release the rest of the Aliens for Public Launch
Pay back the MAPC Parent Investors

These are the people who fronted the money for developers, artist, etc.

1st Space Mission Vote Launches for Philanthropy

Assign @Space Mission Leader and reveal our first Space Mission that our wonderful community has voted for.

MAPC Exclusive Merch Drop IRL

We plan to have an in house @Designer who each @MAPC Owner, will get to work with to make their exclusive 1-of-1 merchandise. This merchandise will be free. (You just pay shipping)

Last 420 Limited Edition Aliens Released

Each of these will be individually handmade and auctioned off. Profits will be split three ways evenly between Philanthropy Wallet, Artists, and MAPC for future expansion funding.

25k Giveaway / MAPC Hall of Philanthropy

Our first live ceremony! If a lucky alien has collected all 5 Limited editions they will be announced at this event!

Landing - MAPC Utility / Meta Verse Reveal / Roadmap 2.0

Our Team

Dev Team